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Crankshaft Grinding Winona Van Norman CG240

Judged by any standard -- speed, precision or longevity -- the Winona Van Norman CG's delivers better performance than any other crankshaft grinders.

By careful design of this advanced machine, set-up, and operation has been made notably easier in several ways. For example, four indexing locations on the head stock with the optional air operated index pins make it faster to dial in the crankshaft properly.

Also, the easily adjusted outboard counter weights never need to be supplemented by inboard weights. More than convenience, these and other features save valuable time and make it easier for a new operator to learn.

Precision, too, is improved over other machines. The CG's are built very heavy with widely spaced ways to assure positive alignment of the wheelhead to the table. Moreover, the controls are easier to use. In particular, the Precision Incremental In-Feed Lever is much easier to use than a hand wheel to achieve the precise desired journal size. One full stroke of this lever moves the wheel head precisely .0004", and it can be used in steps to move the wheelhead .0001", .0002", or .0003". As an illustration of the superior accuracy of these machines, it is possible to double plunge precisely to the same size leaving no lap line.
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