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CNC Engine Block Blueprinting

Rottler F65 Computerized Machining Center

The very versatile F65A enables us to perform boring, line boring, block decking, surfacing, tapping and general milling to within very fine tolerances using the latest  CNC control process and tooling. Holding blue print specs to within .0001-.0002 is
a reality on CNC machinery only.

Cylinder heads can be surfaced using Rottler's exclusive leveling table and universal tooling. Optional surfacing software allows multi-pass programmable depth of cut with roughing and finishing settings for precision finish after material removal. This function is excellent when a large amount of material is to be removed. This table can also be used for angle milling intake and exhaust faces.

Block End Truing
Line Boring
Block Squaring
LS1 Block sleeving
Honda Darton Sleeve Prep
Lifter Bore Correction
CBN & PCD Super Finishing
Out performs  line Honing For accuracy and exact main line bore positioning no mandrel sag here.
  10 RA Surface Finish for MLS Gaskets
Block blue printing is an exact science starting with the crankshaft and camshaft centerline.The block decks and cylinder bores are corrected to the crankshaft and camshaft centerline. The cylinder bores are then bored on center distances to blueprint specs. This process is achieved through the use of a datum fixture that references the crankshaft and camshaft centerline at a true 45 degrees. The block is probed from the centerline then indicated from the dowel location. This enables the bore spacing to be corrected and blue printing the deck surfaces square to the camshaft and crankshaft centerline at a true 45 degree angle is achieved..The dimensions are imputed to the CNC control holding  tolerances to 0001. This accuracy  is achievable with CNC machinery and specialized Datum plates, and tooling.
Crankshaft and camshaft locator
            rings and bars.
Main Line Bushings are very precise
Main line and camshaft precision bars installed
Datum plate machined for exact 45 degree angles
Probe locating crankshaft
centerline on the Y axis
Probe locates the dowel location for  X axis
Program the bore spacing
Boring a cylinder
Ready to bore
Auto cycle move to 1
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Squaring the deck surfaces
Block Blue Printing
Rottler F65A CNC