Rottler HP6A Automatic Cylinder Hone
Rottler HP6A Cylinder Hone. This advanced machine uses computer driven load sensing to control the diamond honing stones and provide an extremely consistent, extremely straight and very precise diameter cylinder bore. The consistency and precision are unmatched. The Rottler HP6A  will allow us to provide the extreme precision and controlled surface finish required for racing and modern application engines.Cylindricity to .000
Today's Standards are becoming more demanding
Progressive engine builders must be responsive to the dynamic changes in the industry. With the latest model ring seating requirements and the diverse number of block configurations, the machinist needs the versatility offered by Rottler H Series honing machines. Cylinder finish is becoming a science as the demands continue to grow. Graphical representation of the cylinder finish, such as that displayed on an Abbott-Firestone Curve, provide a qualitative analysis of the characteristics of the surface finish. The Rk family of parameters directly portrays the surface characteristics over a given sampling length. The Rottler HP6A with automatic feed , stroking , cross hatch control and computer load sensing can achieve these very stringent specifications. The end results is Horse Power, instant ring break in and longevity of the cylinder bore geometry.
Computer Controled Rough and Finish Stone Pressure
Dots readout in Tenths Left to right
This is a straight bore zero taper.
Automatic Brush Hone Cycle
Brush Plateau Honing
Precision Hone Head
Don Wood Diamond Honing Engine Block
Diamond Cyliner Honing
Concentricity must be held to .0001
Cylinders are Final Brush Honed
Torque Plate honing
Torque Plate Block Cylinder Honing
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